Welcome to the Examination Office of the Murang’a University of Technology. The examinations function of the University is housed at the Examination Office. Our mandate is to; management and coordinate University examinations process, to process and issue academic transcripts and certificates, to coordinate and supervise examination processing by examining units, to process and generate graduands list and to act as the custodian of all academic board/senate approved students'examinationresults.

Important Information on Examinations

Examinations are very important component of a students academic life and students are expected to familiarize themselves with the Examination Policy Manual.

Semester Examinations shall be conducted in the 14th and 15th week of the semester and it is important to note that there are two categories of examination: Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) and Ordinary Examination. Continuous assessment test may take any or a combination of the following forms: practicum, project, essay, formal test while Ordinary Examinations are examinations that are taken at the end of the semester or academic year.

In order to qualify to sit for University examinations, a student must register for prescribed course units in a programme and maintain an attendance of 75%. Every student who is registered for university examinations will be issued with an examination card by their respective school which must be produced at each examination sitting.

A student who experiences a problem, which is likely to affect his/her examination performance (i.e. sickness, bereavement etc.) must report before sitting the examinations such problems in writing to the Chairman of the Department offering the courses the student is taking and to the Dean of the School. Any problem that is reported after the examination results are known will not be admissible for examination appeals.

Examination pass list ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 School of Pure and Applied Science


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