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Dean of Students


Hi and welcome to the office of the Dean of Students and Students’ Welfare. Our main concern is to safeguard students’ welfare from day one at the Murang’a University of Technology to the day they complete their studies and graduate.

Welfare is about contentment/satisfaction, happiness, health, and prosperity. All these components have a bearing on minimising students’ unrests, enhancing and sustaining excellence in academic and co-curricular activities. In a nutshell, the Dean of Students office (DoS) is concerned with students’ life outside the lecture hall. The DoS responds to students concerns, plans and executes programs for campus life including sports and games; clubs and societies; entertainment; community work/outreach, students’ financial aid, and many off-campus issues. The DoS office consists of the following sections/departments,:

Dr. Warren A. Andayi (B.Ed.Sc; MSc.; Ph.D

Students governance or the Murang’a UniversityStudents’ Organization, MUTSO; Clubs and societies; the Work-study and financial aid program; Orientation of new students; Guidance and Counseling and Games and Sports. Besides, this office acts as a bridge between students and other university departments and external organisations, especially the Health Unit; the Finance department; Catering and Accommodation; Campus Security Office; Off-Campus hostels owners; Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and other education funding agencies.

While addressing issues pertaining students’ welfare, MUT through the DoS office has achieved several milestones. These achievements include Efficiency and efficacy in addressing students’ complaints, opinions and compliments; Administration of students’ financial aid; Participation in community outreach activities; Provision of opportunities for excellence in co-curricular activities; Guidance and counselling department’s success in addressing emerging issues in Higher Education.

Dean of Students Office

Apart from supervising the Guidance & Counselling and Games & Sports departments the DoS office handles following directly: Students governance or the Murang’a University Students’ Organization, MUTSO; Clubs and societies; the Work-study and financial aid program; Orientation of new students. The current dean of students is Dr. Warren A. Andayi (B.Ed.Sc; MSc.; Ph.D)

When new students enrol into our university, it is important that they participate fully in the orientation program which is jointly managed by the DoS and the Registrar ASA offices. During orientation, students are expected to familiarise themselves with the students’ code of conduct and the Examinations rules and regulations to sensitise them of their legal obligations while studying at the MUT. Through orientation students get to understand: Map of the university and its neighborhoods; On and off-campus housing; Sports and social facilities available; making friends with new and continuing students; Academic departments and their physical locations; University administrative structure: Timely adjustment to transition from controlled high school lifestyle to independent campus life, financial management and relationships etc.

Since human nature highlights complaints but blurs compliments, the DoS office has ensured that all students’ complaints are addressed immediately they are reported and records of the same kept for follow-up and referencing. Students have access to several communication channels including direct calls to the DoS, emails, consultation with MUTSO, unlimited accesses to the DoS office & Campus security office. The MUTSO also receives students’ complaints and opinions and presents them directly to the DoS and where appropriate communicates the same to top university administrators including the Vice-chancellor. To ensure smooth operation of students’ governance, the DoS and MUTSO have streamlined the MUTSO constitution to be in line with the University Amendment Act (2016).

On issues of financial aid, the DoS provides advice and recommendations to the degree and diploma students when applying for funding from HELB, Counties, Constituencies and other funding agencies. Indeed such recommendations this increases the chances of our students’ getting loans, scholarships, and bursaries. It is important to note that the HELB funds degree and diploma (TIVET) who are either government or self-sponsored. HELB also administers scholarships and bursaries for other funding bodies. The MUT has a Work-study program that recruits needy students to work in various departments in the University, and the accruing pay is used to clear pending fee balances. Also, the work-study gives students an invaluable work experience which enhances their employability. After benchmarking with Deans from other universities, we can proudly confirm that our work-study pay is among the highest nationally. The MUTSO also awards needy students bursaries on a semester basis. Currently, the DoS office is administering the Toyota Foundation Scholarship for the diploma in engineering students and is reaching out to more seek funds for financial aid from philanthropic persons and organizations.

To foster democratic values and leadership skills and effective student governance, the DoS office ensures fair and transparent MUTSO elections every academic year. Furthermore, the MUT administration has included the MUTSO chair and secretary general in major decision making organs of the university, i.e. the University Senate and the disciplinary committees to ensure student representation, transparency and accountability.

Our clubs and societies have remained active both on and off campus providing opportunities for talent growth, recreation, entertainment, nurturing of team-work and leadership. Notable is the University drama club which is a force to reckon with in the Mt Kenya region and nationally. Other active clubs include Christian Union, Catholic Action, Muslim Association, Rotaract, Procurement Association, RedCross, Scouts, University Choir and others.

Apart from research and teaching, community outreach is the other core mandate of any university. To achieve these MUT students have participated in several of these activities including a Health awareness walk organized by the GVS Bliss Clinic and the Murang’a Clean-up day organized by the MUT management, MUT Interlinkages Directorate and the Amica SACCO, Murang’a.

Games and Sports Department

This department is headed by the CoD Games and Sports Ms Janet Mbogani (B.Ed, M.Ed.) For physically and emotionally healthy students the MUT has continued to ensure students participate in co-curricular activities like sports, clubs and societies. The Sports and Games department provides trainers, sports equipment and financial support to all our students involved in sport and games. As a result of our karate, rugby teams have excelled nationally and regionally.

Guidance and Counseling Department

Currently, the department is manned by two counsellors Ms Goretti Runno (M.A counselling Psychol.; B.A. Counseling Psychol.; Higher Dip. Counseling Psychol.) and Mr. Asige Chavulimu (B.A. Theol.; M.A. Conflict Resolution). The Guidance & Counseling (GC) department helps students and staff facing various problems and challenges mainly by discussing the causes of their problems, exploring the causes, effects and solutions. In carrying out their mandate, the counsellors ensure confidentiality and professionalism as is expected of them by the law, the university and their professional organisations. Through the GC our students and staff are prepared to handle several emerging issues in University education.

The Guidance and counselling department has succeeded in addressing emerging issues in Higher Education for both students and staff. These issues include Alcohol and drug abuse; HIV and AIDS; illicit sex (“Sponsors culture”) and Unwanted pregnancy; Shrinking government funding for University Education; Increased enrollment and Access to university education; Inadequate preparation for University education and implications with respect to academic fraud such as plagiarism and examination malpractices; cybercrime and electronics theft networks (including phones and laptops) and Career revolution in the IT age. The department regularly organises training and forums for students and staff in all areas of concern in addition to the peer counselling program.

Other Services and Programs conducted by the Office of the Dean of Students

  • Organizing Career Fairs
  • University Cultural day
  • Specialized training, e.g. Google online marketing training
  • Career talks by employers and professionals.
  • Reception and dissemination of information on available opportunities
  • Makes references and recommendation to external stakeholders concerned with students, e.g. employers and funding agencies

Above all the Office of the Dean of Students and Students Welfare endeavours to foster personal growth, skill development, and broad-based experiential learning in a diverse community which contributes significantly to students' overall success at the University and prepares them for life-long personal and professional enrichment. To achieve this, the Office of the Dean of students provides important educational and developmental opportunities, serves as student advocates, empowers students to be successful, and promotes students’ rights and responsibilities.

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