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Registrar (Administration & Planning)

Registrar's Message (Administration & Planning)

The right to knowledge and information is a much-needed tool for causing and affecting progressive change. We have witnessed tremendous technological change sweeping the globe based on research and inventions. It is not from ordinary thinking but rather the real act of acquiring knowledge from authentic sources set up for the same real purpose. Any scientist, researcher, theologian, lawyer, physician, manager, lecturer, engineer and any other professional will prove his academic status by convincing those who are engaging him/her that he/she passed through an institution that moulded his/her professionalism. It is in this regard that I want to applaud all people who are taking part in bringing up this great institution which will enhance the right to knowledge and information. As one philosopher said, “we are the masters of our lives and the captains of our destiny,” this institution is not only going to have an impact on the lives of the people around but will also serve as a determinant to many both the young and old’s destinies. A university can easily be compared to a captain because it imparts knowledge and in return, the very knowledge becomes direction to all who get involved.
Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) has the greatest vision for Murang’a County and beyond. MUT is destined to serve as an academic focal point to all with an urge to quench their career thirst. However, the starting must be there, and that is where we are now. There will be a time when things will be great, and the world will walk to MUT to know how these were achieved. I am optimistic that everything that exists now began. As we start, we will have to work hard to achieve our goal because we are beginning from the ground going up.

Registrar (Administration and Planning) Responsibilities

The Registrar (Administration and Planning) shall be responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration and Planning with the following responsibilities:-

  1. Oversee the general administration of the University ;
  2. Ensure adherence to University rules and regulations;
  3. Enforce University policies;
  4. Coordinate and management provision of all central services;
  5. Have custody of administrative University records;
  6. Coordinate all services in administrative departments;
  7. Provide secretarial services to Management Board Committees whenever required to do so;
  8. Undertake such other responsibilities as shall be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration and Planning).