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Registrar (Administration & Planning)

Registrar's Message (Administration & Planning)

Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) is a placing itself as a leading university focusing on appropriate technology in the East African region and beyond. In the pursuit of this, it is putting in place the resources that are instrumental in reaching its objects.

MUT recognizes that access to information and acquisition of relevant knowledge are the vehicles that will bring change in society which can be actualized through MUT building capacity through provision of market driven courses. It is worth noting that in the recent past, the whole world has faced both health and technological challenges that have changed the landscape of carrying out business for the human race. In essence, to remain relevant in academia we have to embrace technology which as a university we are progressing on well.

Murang’a University of Technology is transforming itself and digitizing most of its operations, which include enabling our students to access instruction, examinations, library among many other services on-line as it embraces technology. It has brought all its stakeholders on board and this initiative of going digital in most of its operations is succeeding.

The division of Administration and Planning is key in driving this change, we have in place the directorate of Information Communication Technology which is key in ensuring we transform into a digital institution. MUT has installed a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which hosts the Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is instrumental in enabling online teaching and learning, access to the e-library, administration of on-line examinations among many other services are now being accessed online. The management of MUT recognizes that welfare of both staff and students is paramount in driving the much-envisioned change. Medical services are provided on campus through our health unit for both staff and students. Transport services are availed when required to both staff and students. The university grounds, infrastructure and equipment are well maintained, this is all done to ensure that there is a conducive learning environment, a serene and facilitating working surrounding.

MUT is placing itself as a leader in the provision of the right to knowledge and information that will bring forth individuals that are well endowed to put a mark on the globe. This institution is not only going to have an impact on the lives of the people around it, but will also serve as a source of great leadership from both the young and old.

Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) has the greatest vision for Murang’a County and beyond. MUT is destined to serve as an academic focal point to all with an urge to quench their career thirst. As we begin the journey to greatness, we all have to work, think and act smart to advance our goals. The sky remains our limit. God bless MUT God bless Kenya as we advance towards success.

Registrar (Administration and Planning) Responsibilities

The Registrar (Administration and Planning) shall be responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration and Planning with the following responsibilities: –

  1. Oversee the general administration of the University;
  2. Ensure adherence to University rules and regulations;
  3. Enforce University policies;
  4. Coordinate and management provision of all central services;
  5. Have custody of administrative University records;
  6. Coordinate all services in administrative departments;
  7. Provide secretarial services to Management Board Committees whenever required to do so;
  8. Undertake such other responsibilities as shall be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration and Planning).