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Guidance & Counselling Department

CoD's Guidance & Counselling Message

Currently, the department is manned by Ms Goretti W. Runnoh (M.A Counselling Psychology; B.A. Counselling Psychology; Higher Dip. in Counselling Psychology). The Guidance & Counselling department helps students and staffs work on their social, psychological, family, and academic challenges mainly by discussing and exploring the causes, effects, and solutions. In carrying out their mandate, the counsellor (s) ensures confidentiality and professionalism as is expected of them by the law, the university and their professional organisations. Through Guidance and Counselling, our students and staff are prepared to handle several emerging issues both in the University and life.

The Guidance and Counselling department has succeeded in addressing emerging issues in institutes of higher learning for both students and staff. These issues include Alcohol and drug abuse, HIV and AIDS, illicit sex (“Sponsors culture”) and Unwanted pregnancy, Shrinking government funding for University Education, increased enrolment and access to university education, inadequate preparation for university education and implications with respect to academic fraud such as plagiarism and examination malpractices, cybercrime and electronics theft networks (including phones and laptops) and Career revolution in the IT age. The department regularly organises training and forums for students and staff in all areas of concern in addition to the peer counselling programme.

Other Services and Programs conducted by the Office of the Dean of Students

Organizing Career Fairs

University Cultural day/week

Specialized training, e.g. Google online marketing training

Career talks by employers and professionals.

Reception and dissemination of information on available opportunities

Makes references and recommendation to external stakeholders concerned with students, e.g. employers and funding agencies.