Top Ranked Institution

Top Ranked Institution

As a top-ten University in Kenya, based on the recent Webometric Rankings, with across-the-board academic excellence, we are committed to developing the best intellectually curious and socially conscious minds. We strive to train Leaders for a Better World. In so doing the University ensures;

Quality Academic Programmes

We strive to anticipate the changes ahead and provide scientific and technological leadership – for the common good. Murang’a University of Technology is home to top-ranked schools and departments and has established collaborations with a number of public and research institutions. All of our graduate and undergraduate programmes are highly ranked and have a strong reputation for excellence.

Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Our faculty is among the best in the country. Constantly in search of people who can bring new depth to the institution, the University seeks dynamic individuals who can be stars in both the laboratory and the classroom. Our highly qualified, diverse and dedicated faculty are committed to academic and professional success of every student in the classroom and out. They are inspiring mentors and personal guides who help each student navigate their academic and personal journey. During lecture and laboratory sessions, our lecturers are available for questions, concerns and explanations when needed.

Academic Quality Assurance and Standards

The University Management take responsibilities for academic quality assurance very seriously and do everything possible to support educational development and implement academic regulations, policies and procedures that ensure the maintenance of academic standards and provide students with the best available learning opportunities.

The Directorate of Quality Assurance and Performance Management seeks to establish and safeguard high standards and good practices in teaching, learning and assessment. The Directorate remit is to ensure that approved quality standards are adhered to at Murang’a University of Technology and that Management are well informed about problems associated with maintaining such standards for appropriate action. 

Commitment to Values

Creating an innovative and inclusive community is at the core of our mission, and our five-year strategic plan. Murang’a University of Technology is an accredited, public institution offering a wide variety of academic programs and degrees. At MUT, we believe that a University education should be accessible to anyone with the talent and drive to pursue a degree — regardless of economics, culture or geographic locations. Our core values of integrity, Innovation and Creativity, Professionalism, Fairness and non-discrimination, Freedom of Enquiry and Expression, and Teamwork are the foundation of our approach to education and learning and are demonstrated in everything we do.

Infrastructure and Support

The University Management think creatively and act boldly to ensure that its academic infrastructure aligns with and supports the University’s mission and vision. MUT infrastructure — hard and soft, academic and administrative — plays a critical role in the functioning of the University and in the creation of knowledge. People, money, space, information technology (IT), physical plant, enterprise systems, business processes and services, curricular workflow, pedagogy, and human resource services all constitute our core academic infrastructure.

Sustainable practices are embedded within the University operations and through the University’s commitment to reduce environmental impacts, achieve economic efficiency, demonstrate social responsibility and enhance student experience.

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