Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

There’s much more to the collegiate experience than just academics – there’s also life! To help establish that balance, we encourage a holistic approach to mental and physical health, and the University offer a wide range of activities, facilities, and support systems to help keep you well-rounded in every avenue of life.


  1. Physical Health



Take advantage of the numerous games and sporting facilities at the University — from courts for volleyball, basketball, Football, handball, to field tracks — can help to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Using MUT’s exercise facilities for cardio, strength training or a game is time well spent.


  1. Healthy Eating/Nutrition

The University boasts of the best food and restaurants around the town, and University dining is no exception. A wide range of menus gives you the chance to eat nutritious food every day of the week. Explore the University’s diverse dining menu.

  1. Mental Health

Every student will come across obstacles while attending the University, but you will not have to deal with these setbacks alone. The Office of Dean of Students (DoS) serves the University community as the primary resource for students of concern and crisis intervention.



The office of Dean of Students provide a confidential and holistic approach to supporting students with academic and personal concerns. The DoS hopes to help the students overcome their concerns and resume their effective coping techniques to continue successfully with their academic career. Similarly, students can visit the University Counseling Office to receive one-on-one advice and help from devoted staff members. The Counselling Office was established to provide students with psychological counseling and treatment at any stage of their academic path.


  1. Personal Support Systems

Entering into a mentoring relationship with someone is a proud legacy at MUT, forging friendships and connections that last lifetimes.  Students are encouraged to forge such relations and connections. The office of Dean of Students assist students in this endeavou