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Welcome to the Clubs and Societies Department. The Department encourages the students to join and form clubs to pursue their passion in life and explore new interests besides gaining academic goals, new skills and experiences at the University. The Murang’a University of Technology is very committed to supporting Clubs and Societies to help students pursue their Interests. Our clubs and societies have remained active both on and off-campus providing opportunities for talent growth, recreation, entertainment, nurturing of team-work and leadership. Notable is the University drama club which is a force to reckon within the Mt Kenya region and nationally. Other active clubs include Christian Union, Catholic Action, Muslim Association, SDA, Drama, Rotary, Procurement Association, Red Cross, Scouts, and University Choir among others


In line with Clubs and Societies Procedure Manual, under formation and registration of the same, clubs and societies seek registration from the office of the Dean of Students. For a club or society to be registered, the following minimal requirements should be met and submitted to the office of the Dean Students:

  1. Application letter for registration of the club/society to the Dean of Students
  2. The Club/Society’s Constitution,
  3. The names of the Club/Society’s officials
  4. The names of the club/society’s members
  5. Calendar of Club/Society’s events
  6. The names of the proposed Patrons (Members of Staff) and their phone numbers


The Dean of Students can decline to register a Club/Society if it:

  • Does not comply with reasonable University regulations concerning conduct.
  • It creates a substantial disruption on campus, to prevent organizational activity that is itself illegal under local, national, as well as activity that is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action that is likely to incite or produce such action
  • If it is a duplicate of the mission or purpose of an existing registered student organization.

The constitution, with clear objectives of the proposed club/society has to go through scrutiny and where necessary engage the legal and security offices for clarity and safety.

Registration does not imply endorsement by MUT of the viewpoints, objectives or purposes of the student organization, and MUT assumes no responsibility for the content of programs or activities sponsored by a Clubs/Societies. Registration does not extend the right to Clubs/Societies to use the MUT name, trademarks, logos or any other protected MUT works without express permission as provided for in the MUT Policy.

All clubs and societies should file annual reports with the Dean of Students. Failure to file the annual reports will lead to deregistration. All clubs/societies’ activities’ are monitored and regulated by the office of the Dean of Students.

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