Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Director: Directorate of Board of Postgraduate Studies

Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri, PhD

Message from the Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies.

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies was established in 2016 with the mandate to coordinate research and postgraduate activities of the University. The Directorate is oversight by a board that is appointed by the Vice Chancellor.

The Directorate is guided by the vision, mission and core values of MUT. The Directorate is responsible for coordinating and administrating postgraduate programmes in PhD, Masters and Postgraduate diploma levels in consultation with University Senate as well as Schools/Departments, the Directorate of Quality Assurance & Performance Management and the Directorate of Research, Innovation & Consultancy. The Directorate not only manages all the functions of the postgraduate matters but also performs responsibilities of development and overseeing the implementation of policies, guidelines, regulations and strategies related to postgraduate training and research, processing postgraduate students’ admissions, monitoring of academic progress of all postgraduate students,  and enforcement of postgraduate Rules and Regulations as approved by the University Senate.

Objectives of Board of Postgraduate Studies

 The specific activities of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies are:

  1. Overseeing the recruitment of students. Ensuring that the University’s admissions policy is followed in all matters.
  2. Liaising with the Registrar, Academic and Student Affairs as appropriate, with regard to special cases for admission to postgraduate programmes and for changes to registration arrangements.
  3. Ensuring accurate records of applicants and students are kept
  4. In consultation with the Deans of Schools and Chairmen of Departments, allocating roles in the supervision of post-graduate students.
  5. Maintaining quality assurance mechanisms and ensuring that staff performs their supervision duties competently.
  6. Ensuring students and staff have a clear and mutually understood mechanism to raise concerns at a departmental level.
  7. Dealing with disciplinary matters (including plagiarism).
  8. Liaising with the Registrar, Academic and Student Affairs, as appropriate, with regard to the implementation of the student withdrawal procedure, interruption of studies and additional examination arrangements.

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies is currently offering Master and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes in Engineering, Computing and Information Technology, Technology Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Chemistry, Statistics, Human Resource, Public Administration, and other business-related specialties. The programmes are offered by thesis (research mode) and by coursework and dissertation (taught mode) or by both modes. These programmes are aimed at producing highly skilled and competent graduates specifically prepared to face and solve various challenges within Kenya and beyond.

For admission into any of our postgraduate programmes, the admission forms are available and can be downloaded from the University Website. The entry requirements for each programme are clearly indicated for each course.

Postgraduate Students Supervision Questionnaire

The Directorate of Board of Postgraduate studies is undertaking a survey for postgraduate students supervision. Please use the link below to participate in the survey.