Directorate of Catering and Accommodation Services

Dr. Juliana Maina Ph.D.

Director, CAS

The Directorate of Catering and Accommodation Services (DCAS) is responsible for providing quality accommodation, catering services and products. The directorate ensures that staff and students are able to meet their personal goals and the goals of the institution by fulfilling their basic needs.

The Directorate provides catering services to students and staff throughout the day and late in the evening. It ensures that meals provided to its clientele are of good quality and well-balanced to meet their energy and  nutritional requirements. DCAS also offers a variety of products during events hosted by the Enterprise Department. This in turn enhances the productivity of the University’s fraternity.

The  University  has  two modern halls of residence housing both female and male students. A newer men’s hostel block with a capacity to accommodate over 500 students has recently been completed. The halls of residence are well equipped to ensure that students stay during their studies comfortably and safely. Special needs students are given first priority in room allocation. In addition, the needs of students with disabilities are met by the provision of relevant infrastructure and assistance required.

Since the University cannot accommodate all its students, it recommends off-campus hostels where students can  reside.  The  residences are vetted by the University Off-Campus Accommodation Committee using criteria that ensure their suitability.

The Directorate also offers accommodation and catering services to students admitted at the newly established Mariira Campus. All departments in the Directorate are staffed by qualified and highly motivated staff. They ensure that the University’s goals are achieved  and  the  mission of innovation, research and training is implemented.

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