Directorate of Resource Mobilization

Director, Research Mobilization

Dr. Andrew Makori, Ph.D.

Message form the Director

The rapid expansion of university education in Kenya exerts immense pressure on government funding. The Directorate of resource mobilization was established in order to manage and mobilize both internally and externally generated funds. Therefore, the directorate of resource mobilization is a strategic response by University Management to the diminishing financial support from the government to public Universities.

The directorate coordinates University efforts in fundraising and responds to emerging opportunities and strategic collaboration and engagement. The overarching objective of the directorate is to spearhead and coordinate resource mobilization efforts and identify potential sources of funds or joint ventures of immediate or long-term benefits to the University.

The function is central to the core activities of teaching, research and com- munity outreach services.
Resource mobilization is a University-wide effort, utilizing institutional niche. To achieve this, the Directorate develops interdisciplinary proposals to attract funding for research and infrastructure. It also bids for consultancies by tapping the rich institutional expertise and networks.

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