Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Message from The Faculty

As a University, our dedication to academic excellence for the public good is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. A vibrant, inclusive climate helps us leverage our strengths and make the most of our collective capabilities.The University community includes people from different ethnicities, genders and gender identities, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. We speak different languages, come from different cultures, and practice different religions. We have different abilities and disabilities, different political perspectives and life experiences.

The Faculty and Staff

The University has made strides in increasing diversity among faculty and leadership, but we still have work to do. This is also in line with the government’s commitment to ensure ethnic consideration in recruitment, promotion, transfer and deployment of lecturers and other non-teaching members of staff. To ensure that women and underrepresented minorities aren’t overlooked in faculty and staff recruiting and promotion, we’re ensuring fairness in recruitment and promotion, through independent shortlisting and promotions committees. We are also keen to promote diversity in STEM leadership that will benefits us all, as we aspire to be a Leading University in Technological Innovation and Research.Whether you work directly with students and faculty or behind the scenes, we’re committed to providing the training, skills, and experience to help you thrive in a diverse, equitable and inclusive community

We’re all different, and that’s good for us!

That’s part of MUT strength. Diversity broadens our perspectives and paves the way for innovation. We’re working to ensure that all members of the University community have the opportunity to participate fully in all the University has to offer without worrying about facing bias, harassment or discrimination. Respectful awareness helps each of us bring our best and work together for the common good

The Students

We’re proud of how diverse our student body. We know that we can do even better. We’re working to not only enroll more female students as well as international students year over year, but also to provide support that help students feel at home, excel and graduate

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