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Dr. Mwangi, Benson

Director, Quality Assurance and Performance Management

dr bensonAreas of expertise:

Bio: Dr. Mwangi is currently the Director, Quality Assurance and Performance Management at Murang'a University of Technology.

CV: Dr. Mwangi, Benson 


  1. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Fish Species Composition and Diversity of Small Riverine Ecosystems in the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya

  2. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Effects of irrigated and rain fed conditions on infestation levels of thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) infesting Dolichos lablab (L.) in Eastern Kenya

  3. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Influence Of Large Woody Debris Accumulations On Macroinvertebrate Distribution in a Low Order Forested Tropical Stream, Sagana River, Kenya

  4. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Physicochemical Characteristics Of Undrainable Water Dams Utilized for Fish Rearing in The Semi-Arid Naromoru Area, Central Kenya

  5. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Towards a National Policy On Wastewater Reuse In Kenya

  6. Mwangi, Benson (2016), Treatment of flower farm wastewater effluents using constructed wetlands in lake Naivasha, Kenya

  7. Mwangi, Benson (1992), Habitat Preferences, Feeding Habits, Leght-Weight Relationship and Relative Condition Factors of Juvenile Tilapias in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

  8. Mwangi, Benson (2004), Proceedings of the second national zoological postgraduate students conferrence 3rd to 6th August 2004

  9. Mwangi, Benson (1998-04), Food and Feeding Habits of Juvenile Oreochromis leucostictus Trewavas (Teleostei=Cichlidae) in lake Naivasha and Oloidien, Kenya

  10. Mwangi, Benson (2011), Proceedings of theThird Scientific Conference of the Ecological Society for Eastern Africa January 2011

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