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Dr. Ptoton Mnangat Brian

dr ptoton

Ag. Director, Research And Postgraduate Studies

Lecturer, School of Pure and Applied Sciences

Areas of expertise: Chemistry / Organic Chemistry

Contacts: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bio: Dr. Ptoton Mnangat Brian is currently the Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at Muranga University of Technology (MUT). Dr. Ptoton graduated from University of Nairobi with Bachelors of Science (Industrial Chemistry) with a First Class Honors. He then won and was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Trust Scholarship and was admitted to Oxford University for Doctorate Degree in Organic Chemistry. At Oxford University, Dr. Ptoton worked in Professor Timothy Donohoe Group where his Research Project involved Synthetic Methodology Development of simple and complex organic molecules using Ammonia-Free Birch Reduction Reactions. He also developed a multi-step synthetic route to synthesis of Natural Products which included (±)-Cyclindricine A and (±)-Cyclindricine C. He then graduated in 6th November, 2010 with Doctorate Degree and his thesis title is Synthesis of (±)-Cylindricine C and a Formal Synthesis of Cylindricine A.

After graduation, Dr. Ptoton was employed as Organic Lecturer at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) before he was promoted to be the Chairman of Physical Sciences at the School of Pure and Applied Sciences where he served until August, 2014. He then moved to Muranga University College as Lecturer of Organic Chemistry before he was appointed as the Acting Director for the Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies. A position he holds to date. Dr. Ptoton is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustee for National Environmental Trust Fund. He has also held various positions like Constituency Development Fund Manager, Concert Officer, Junior, Laboratory Demonstrator (Oxford) among others.  

At his free time Dr. Ptoton like skating, watching football, badminton and spending time at the gym.

CV: Dr. Ptoton Mnangat Brian

Research Interests

Dr Ptoton research interests are in the following areas:

  • Deflouridation of water techniques and methods development, analysis and improvement

  • Food Security; intercropping food crops with pollination vector attractants.

  • Analysis of starch binders for use in many briquettes and paste preparations

  • Extraction and characterization of natural products for value addition

Research Collaboration

Collaboration with South Eastern Kenya University and Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (Tanzania) in Waste to Renewable Energy: Biogas Cleanup (Upgrading) in Kenya and Tanzania Project funded by PEER Grant (USAID)


  1. Synthesis of cylindricine C and a formal synthesis of cylindricine A; Tetrahedron, vol 66, Issue 33, pp 6411-6420. Timothy J. Donohoe, Ptoton M. Brian, Grainne C Hargaden, Timothy J. C. O’Riordan

  2. Synthesis and Reactivity of Benzyl Derivative Protecting Groups towards Di-Substitute Pyridines: Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 2016 (1), pp 53-58. Ptoton M. Brian and Peter Musau.

  3. The Analysis of Efficiency of Different Methods Used for Deflfluoridation for Naivasha Borehole Water: Ptoton M. B., Nderu Ann Waitherero and Peter Musau. (In press)

  4. Comparison of various ylides reactions with a neopently aldehyde of quinoline: Ptoton M. B. (Under review)

  5. Comparison and an explanation of stabilized ylides reaction with N-protected quinoline and non-protected quinoline: Ptoton M. B. (Under review)   

Scholarships and Grants

  1. Peer Grant Program –USAID (USD 137,000) - August 2014

  2. URC Postdoctoral Fellowship in The University of Witwatersrand- South Africa- Dec 2014

  3. Rhodes Trust Scholarship- 2006

  4. Lilly Price of Excellence in Organic Chemistry Research- 2007

  5. Thomas Bowman Fund-2009

  6. John McCall McBain Fund-2009

  7. Simms Fund-2010

  8. African Students Fund-2010

Workshops and Conferences Attended

  1. State Co-operation Advisory Committee (SCAC) Workshop-2015

  2. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)- 2015  2nd Science,  Innovation and Technology Expert Dialogue Meeting

  3. Commission of University Education (CUE); Seminar of Innovation & Incubation in Africa                                                                                                                                     -2015

  4. Commission of University Education (CUE); Conference of University Education Management Tool  -2015

  5. Corporate Governance Workshop (NET-Fund)                                                     -2015

  6. University Data Collection (Commission of University Education)                      -2015

  7. Programme Self-Assessment Workshop  (Commission of Higher Education)     -2012

  8. ISO Audit and Implementation Workshop                                                            -2012

  9. Grand Proposal Writing                                                                                        - 2011

  10. AstraZeneca Oxford Conference – Oxford                                                     -2010

  11. Pfizer Oxford Poster Presentations Symposium – Oxford                              2009

  12. Lilly Annual Chemistry Conference – London                                                -2008

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