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CoD's Guidance & Counselling Message

Welcome to the Guidance and Counselling section, the department is manned by Ms Goretti W. Runnoh (M.A Counselling Psychology; B.A. Counselling Psychology; Higher Dip. in Counselling Psychology). The Guidance & Counselling department helps students and staff members work on their social, psychological, family, and academic challenges mainly by discussing and exploring the causes, effects, and solutions. In carrying out their mandate, the counsellor (s) ensures confidentiality and professionalism as is expected of them by the code of ethics, the university and their professional organizations. Through Guidance and Counselling, our students and staff are prepared to handle several emerging issues both in the University and life.

Issues addressed

Relationship (s)
Family issue (s)
Stress management
Anger management
Alcohol Drug and Substance Abuse
Life skills
Abortion and its effects
Career guidance and counselling
Identity crisis
Addictions such Betting and Lottery Addiction, drug, internet among others.
Drug and Substance use and Abuse
Managing Peer pressure
Loss of self esteem
Conflict Management and Resolution
Time management
Emotional and psychological problems
Study skills and examination taking techniques
Job searching skills
Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
Any other

Issues are addressed through

Individual/Personal Psychological Counselling
Group counselling for students with common issues
Marital and family counselling
Crisis and trauma counselling
Grief Counselling
Sensitization/Awareness Campaigns
Training and Supervision of Peer Educators/Counsellors
Referral services for services needed but not offered by Guidance and Couselling Office such Voluntary Testing and Counselling (VCT)

Guidance and Counselling Goals

Development Goals – (emotional, cognitive and physical wellness).
Preventive Goals – helps the client to avoid some undesired outcome.
Enhancement Goals – identifies and further develops skills and abilities through the assistance of a counsellor.
 Remedial Goals – assists a counselee to overcome and treat an undesirable development.
Exploratory Goals – Exploration presents goals appropriate to the examining of options, testing of skills and trying new and different activities, environment, relationship etc.
Reinforcement Goals – Reinforcing positive behaviour (s)


Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) AIDS Control Unit (ACU) was established by the University with the mandate of strengthening intervention measures for prevention, management, control and mitigation of the impact of HIV and AIDS. The operation of the unit is guided by MUT HIV/AIDS policy and National AIDS Control Council guidelines. HIV/AIDS has far-reaching social, economic and health effects to the population. The MUT community, like other communities, is vulnerable and at great risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Click here to download the newsletter.


Our Vision

To be a department that creates a conducive therapeutic environment that will promote clients’ holistic development.

Our Mission

To enable our clients develop psychologically, cognitively and emotionally; prevent, cope and overcome undesired behaviors; identify and develop skills and abilities as well reinforce positive behavior.


Counselling is a helping profession and relationship in which a counsellor facilitates the counselling relation and assists the clients to resolve their issues and cope with situations. It also empowers the client to attain his/her full potential and maintain daily normal functioning and live a more satisfying life.

Guidance  is a developmental process that contributes to the self knowledge, understanding, determination, realization, acceptance and self development of the individual by identifying his/her abilities, interests, attitudes, values, potentialities and developing them to the fullest.

Who is a Counsellor? A professional who empowers a client in solving personal problems/Issues and challenges to enhance client’s growth and development through Guidance and Counselling.

Who is a Client? Counselling client is any person going through normal life challenges.


We are all aware that mental health issues are now a big concern in Kenya. Depression cases have been on the rise, suicidal ideations and attempts by the young and the old have also been on the rise. In addition, alcohol and substance abuse is used as a coping mechanism among many other issues and corona Virus pandemic is not making things any better. Our lives have been greatly interrupted, its not business as usual. Our daily work and school routine is not the same any more. Corona Virus has affected us in a great ways and this is obviously going to affect our mental well being. How well do we protect ourselves from mental break down? What do we need to know? This article will help you get more information on mental health and what you need to know to prevent mental breakdown, know yourself better and make the right decision as we deal with Covid 19 Pandemic. Click here for more information.


The Mental Health and Psychosocial Support guide to Health workers during the COVID-19 have been developed in response to the new Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). COVID- 19 is a serious respiratory viral infection caused by a novel coronavirus recently named SARS-COV2. Towards December 2019 this virus was identified as a cause of upper and lower respiratory tract infections in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei province of China. It has since rapidly spread globally to more than 188 countries and resulted in over 460,000 and 20,000 infections and deaths respectively. Click here for more information.

The department activities in pictorial

The Counselling and Guidance office also works as secretariat to Alcohol and Drug Abuse committee and AIDS Control Unit Committee (ACU).

For, Further Information, Consultation and Counselling Appointments, Visit Us In Our Guidance And Counselling Office, Ufundi Drive Opposite Meachanical Engineering Workshop

Working Hours: Monday – Friday (8:00am – 5:00pm)



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