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Kenya Airports Parking Services (KAPS) Limited and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) held a hackathon on Friday, 17 November 2023. Members of Code-Challenge, a group under Mut-Tech club gave three submissions in the following categories out of the possible 13:

  • Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Ahead of the event the team held regular meet-ups,online and in person often staying up all night and sometimes upto 4am. They had their co-ordinator who assigned roles and overlooked the execution of the projects. The following are the roles in the team:

  • The UI/UX designer
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend Developer

Prior to the Hackathon preliminary eliminations were done based on submitted project proposals.Fortunately two out of three submissions made it finals, that is Elecure – a Blockchain-Powered University Election System(Blockchain Technology category) and Elingo– a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-Based Local Language Translator (LLM Category).The University facilitated them during the onsite Hackathon which was held at JKUAT on  Friday 17th November 2023.

Leaders in Innovation

About 25 institutions participated in the Hackathon,Muranga University of Technology (MUT) being among them. MUT managed to top in LLM category and second runners up for the Blockchain Technology category. MUT brought home a trophy and several medals; all thanks to everyone’s effort.Goes without saying,none of this would have been possible without the following people

  • The School of Computing and IT (SCIT) Dean: Dr.John Ndia
  • The Chairman of Computer Science (COD) : Dr.Aaron M. Oirere
  • Overal Team coordinator: Brian Igadwa -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Mbuthi Mungai – Backend Lead -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • David Kamau -Backend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Chepsoi Ishmael – Motoko Backend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Benson Kamau – React Js frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Jasper Ngunjiri- UI/Ux Designer -Bsc Math withComputer Science 4th Year
  • Naomi Mbugua – frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Jane Njeri – frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year



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Project Title: Blockchain-Powered University Election Application – Elecure

What is this project about?

The Elecure project is centered around implementing a blockchain-powered election system for university elections. It leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology, particularly the Ethereum blockchain, to create a decentralized, tamper-resistant, and transparent digital ledger system for managing and conducting university elections. The primary goal is to address trust and integrity issues in traditional university election systems by eliminating centralized control and enhancing security through blockchain.

Problem it solves:

The project addresses the trust and integrity issues prevalent in traditional university election systems. Centralized servers and administrators in traditional systems raise concerns about data security and the fairness of elections. By implementing blockchain technology, Elecure ensures a decentralized and tamper-resistant system, eliminating doubts about data integrity and security. It aims to provide a secure and transparent election process that promotes trust, fairness, and inclusivity within the university community.

Background Story:

Traditional university election systems have faced challenges related to data security and the accuracy of results due to centralized control. The team members, consisting of highly skilled developers with expertise in blockchain technology, saw an opportunity to innovate and address these challenges. Drawing on their collective experience, they developed Elecure as a solution to revolutionize the way academic institutions conduct elections, challenging the status quo and introducing a secure, transparent, and efficient process.

Members Involved:

Elecure Team

The group members involved in the Elecure project are:

  • David Kamau – lead -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Benson Kamau- frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Chepsoi Ishmael – Motoko Backend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Jasper Ngunjiri- Ui Ux Designer -Bsc Math withComputer Science 4th Year

Project Title: E-LINGO: An NLP-Based Local Language Translator

What is this project about?

E-LINGO is a project aimed at addressing language barriers in Kenya through the development of a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based local language translator. The project focuses on translating between English and Kikuyu, employing advanced NLP and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) techniques. It strives to facilitate seamless communication between speakers of these languages, thereby expanding market reach for local businesses and contributing to economic growth.

Problem it solves:

The project tackles the significant issue of language barriers in Kenya, which not only poses a convenience problem but also acts as an economic obstacle for local businesses. By leveraging cutting-edge NLP and NMT technologies, E-LINGO aims to overcome these barriers and enable effective communication between English and Kikuyu speakers. This not only fosters economic growth but also enhances access to information and opportunities.

Background Story:

The inspiration for E-LINGO arises from the recognition of language barriers as a concrete obstacle affecting local businesses’ growth potential. The team, consisting of skilled developers from Murang’a University of Technology, saw an opportunity to utilize their expertise in NLP and machine learning to create a transformative solution. By focusing on Kikuyu initially and designing a scalable architecture, the team aims to address the dynamic linguistic needs of Kenya and contribute to breaking down communication barriers.

Members Involved:

  • Mbuthi Mungai – lead and backend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Jane Njeri – frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Naomi Mbugua- frontend developer -Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year
  • Brian Igadwa – UI UX Designer – Bsc Software Engineering 4th Year

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