ICT Directorate

Mr. Wilson Kariuki

Director, ICT Directorate

Message from the Director

The ICT Directorate has the mandate of developing ICT infrastructure and automation of functional systems in the University. Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) has grown its ICT infrastructure tremendously within a few years. It now boasts of a robust secure network infrastructure with a fiber backbone connecting all the buildings to the core network.

The university has subscribed to a high-speed network from KENET to facilitate teaching, research and eLearning and the bandwidth limits are open during off-peak hours. Students can enjoy speeds of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) during off-peak hours. The university has installed Wi-Fi access points across the university. Students and staff can access the internet by Wi-Fi roaming in the university and the devices can automatically switch from a Wi-Fi network with a weak signal to one with a stronger signal.

The University implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that manages academics and finances for students. The ERP is integrated with the banks which enables real-time crediting of student fees accounts upon payment via the bank. Other functions included in the ERP are procurement and human resource. Students and staff access University services through student and staff portals respectively.
The Directorate is in the process of procuring IP security CCTV cameras and access control systems to boost security in the university. The security solution will comprise of face recognition cameras that will identify students using facial recognition algorithms.

The university is continuously automating most of the university processes. Plans are at an advanced stage to automate the online application of student clearance, academic leave, course transfer, room booking and hostel allocation. Other functions are online leave application and approval. The Directorate will continue to develop ICT infrastructure to meet current and emerging issues in ICT.

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