International Conference on Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development (Virtual)

MUT Conference offers a wonderful opportunity for delegates to learn and share about various topics which are relevant to the industry. 

The conference sub-themes

a) Engineering Technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution

 Building Technologies, Energy, Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering and other trending areas in Engineering and Technology. 

b) ICT for Development and Disruptive Innovations.

  Big Data, Cloud Computing, Future Internet, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Block chain, Cyber Security, Human Computer Interaction, Network protocols.

c) Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

Entrepreneurship for Economic Development,      Public Administration,   Entrepreneurship for Propensity, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Youth and Enterprise, Technology and Innovation, Organizational culture,  Value Chain Management, Gender and development

d)  Natural Resource and Climate Change Management for Enhanced Food Security and Nutrition.

Climate Change and Pollution Control, Green chemistry in Industry, Environmental management, Emerging Manufacturing Trends, Environmental science. Agriculture, food security, Value Addition, food quality and nutrition.

e) Covid-19 Pandemic; Opportunities and Challenges.

Effect / impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education, Communication, Health, Gender violence, Economy, ICT use, Agriculture and food supply, Future of Work, Employee Engagement, Energy and business.

Full papers to be uploaded on MUT CONFERENCE SYSTEM or be sent via email

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