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Linkages & Outreach

Message from the Ag. Director: Dr Caroline Mwangi

Dr carolThe directorate of Linkages, Advancement and International Relations (LAIR) has been established as a positive initiative to enhance university outreach and to accord the needed attention to the external sourcing of support for collaborative research and the technological development of MUT in keeping with the university’s strategic plan.
The directorate is intended to help co-ordinate other external contacts and collaborative functions of MUT staff and students, inclusive of exchange programmes, travel fellowships, visits, scholarship awards and grants, etc.
The directorate will function as an active unit under the office of the Registrar. Currently it is headed by an acting director. It is envisaged that to have a team of academic and administrative staff serving full-time in the unit.
The directorate will closely relate with the deans, directors and heads of the various university schools, institutes and departments.
Basically, the directorate will be actively involved in promoting local and external links, partnerships and collaborative arrangements based on well-defined agreements and/or memoranda and articles of understanding.
As much as possible, the directorate is required to facilitate, co-ordinate and manage linkages between the university (and units thereof) on the one hand and local, national and international agencies/institutions, industries (and other establishments) and donor organizations/development partners on the other.
The directorate is also expected to spearhead the sourcing of funds and equipment/facilities support from corporate organizations locally and from abroad for collaborative sponsorship of research and capacity building.
Goals and Objectives
More specifically, the directorate will target the following goals and objective among others:
  1. To promote fruitful linkages between MUT and various governmental, industrial, institutional as well as sundry public or private sector establishments, organizations and individuals, locally and overseas for purposes of qualitative manpower training, capacity building and scientific/ technological advancement generally.
  2. To provide a platform for effective up-grading and marketing of MUT programmes at national and international levels; especially through purpose–oriented development of curriculum and useful collaborative research; and through mutually beneficial staff and students exchange programs and productive partnerships.
  3. To collate and publicize information on fruitful research activities and attainments of MUT for the attention of local, national and international beneficiaries, interested stakeholders and target end-users generally, as well as explore and pursue viable opportunities for research grants, research collaboration and short- or long-term institutional investment schemes.
  4. To support and facilitate productive cross-country technical, academic and administrative interactions and exchanges involving undergraduate trainee-ship schemes, plus other collaborative arrangements as may be worked out between MUT and various outside agencies.
  5. To undertake any other roles and assignments as may be determined by the principal and the university management in furtherance of university interests, and especially the linkage potentials, opportunities and targets of MUT locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. To develop and offer relevant community outreach programmes and services that will be focused on community empowerment and economic development.

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