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Mission & Objectives


“A University of Excellence in Technological Innovation.”


“To advance knowledge and technological transfer through teaching, training, learning, research and innovation for sustainable development”

The following are MUT’s values:

  1. Innovation and Creativity: Committed to delivering innovative solutions in the delivery of our services
  2. Professionalism: Strive to uphold professionalism in whatever we do. We will stand ethical scrutiny by being committed to high standards of excellence in our day-to-day operations.
  3. Integrity: Promote honesty and strong moral principles and moral uprightness among staff and stakeholders
  4. Teamwork: Promote respect and unity of purpose among staff as well as promoting the mutual exchange of information and experiences.
  5. Fairness and non Discrimination: Promote equity, diversity and inclusivity discrimination
  6. Freedom of Enquiry and Expression: Encourage our staff to engage in free and independent thinking.

Objectives and Strategies   

In order to address the strategic themes, MUT has identified performance objectives each with its corresponding key strategies. These objectives and strategies are as follows:


Key Strategic area

1.1. To promote academic excellence

1.1.1. Promote high standards in teaching, training and learning

1.1.2. Produce graduates equipped with skills and knowledge fit for the market

1.1.3. Develop and implement competitive, relevant and market-oriented academic programmes

1.1.4. Enhance the mandate of Technical and Vocational Education in training hands-on skilled labour force.

2.1. To Promote Quality Research, Innovation  and  


2.1.1. Provide a conducive environment for research, innovation and consultancy.

2.1.2. Develop a consultancy policy

2.1.3. Increase the average number of postgraduate students

3.1. To promote Linkages, Collaboration and Outreach

3.1.1. Review Policies on Linkages, Outreach and Partnership

3.1.2. Enhance Linkages, Collaboration, Partnerships and Outreach Initiatives with all relevant stakeholders  

3.2. To strengthen student welfare services

3.2.1. Enhance guidance and counselling programmes

3.2.2. Instill national cohesion and national values

3.2.3. Strengthen student leadership

3.2.4. Enhance work-study programme

3.2.5. Enhance student safety and security

3.3. To Enhance Human Resource Training and Capacity 


3.3.1. Promote a positive organizational culture

3.3.2. Enhance the University governance

3.3.3. Enhance the Quality Management System (QMS)

3.3.4. Review existing Human Resource Policy

3.3.5. Attract, recruit and retain skilled and competent staff

3.3.6. Promote gender equity

3.4. To provide adequate infrastructure

3.4.1. Expand infrastructure

3.4.2. Maintain and rehabilitate facilities

3.4.3. Enhance ICT connectivity and technology infrastructure

3.5. To enhance resource mobilization and management                                                  

3.5.1. Enhance marketing activities

3.5.2. Identify alternative revenue streams

3.5.3. Enhance strategic collaborations and linkages

3.5.4. Improve operational efficiency





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