Research at Murang'a University of Technology

Research is an essential endeavor at Murang’a University of Technology. The research office under the Leadership of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, and Student Affairs), conducts research activities in several fields, seeking to expand human knowledge through teaching, analysis, consultancy and innovation. The DVC (ASA )'s office further encourages faculty members, visiting scholars, local academician and students to research in areas that will contribute to the development of Murang’a County and Kenya at large. Collaborations with other Universities and affiliated institutions is also encouraged.

The main areas of research at MUT are but not limited to engineering, applied sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Research Area



This area is under the School of Engineering  and focuses on the fundamental aspects  of engineering technology such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil and building engineering

Applied Sciences

Under the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, research in this area focuses on biological engineering, applied math, physics and related fields.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Research in the humanities and social sciences at MUT focuses on social sciences, natural sciences and engineering disciplines such as commerce, human resource management and liberal sciences

Information Technology

 Information Technology is the backbone of economic development. Research in this area focuses on innovations that will have implications in the various sectors of the economy

Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Tourism industry is a major pillar of the Kenyan economy. Research in this area focuses on  tourism management, hospitality management nutrition, dietetics and related fields 

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