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Research in the universities is a core activity integrated with Learning & Teaching and Knowledge Transfer. Research improves the quality of education for all students; develops highly educated/trained PhD graduates; creates new knowledge to address economic and social issues.

Murang’a University of Technology endeavours to be one of the world's leading innovative and creative technical universities. MUT has identified "Science, Engineering and Technology" as its niche area. The multidisciplinary nature of its thrust areas and research clusters draws the strengths of existing faculties within the University and enhances research and innovation activities.

The University has established a central body, known as the Directorate for Research and Post Graduate Studies to effectively coordinate assess and promote all research activities at the University. The directorate also seeks out commercial application for the products, technology and services the research produces.

The details of research in the university can be accessed through the respective schoools.

School of Business & Economics

School of Computing & Information Technology

School of Engineering & Technology

School of Pure & Applied Sciences

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management 

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