Mut Shines at the 4th Biennial Conference on Universities Research and Innovation


From June 12th to 14th, 2024, the prestigious Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi hosted the 4th Biennial Conference on Universities Research and Innovation. This year, the conference was guided by the evocative theme “Catalyzing Systemic Social Transformation Through Research and Innovation” and carried the empowering tagline “Innovate, Collaborate, Transform.”

Key Objectives

The conference aimed to:

  • Exhibit Impactful Research: Showcase research across diverse disciplines, emphasizing the contributions of Kenyan universities in addressing critical societal challenges.
  • Facilitate Dialogue and Knowledge Exchange: Promote discussions between universities, industry, and government stakeholders to foster collaborative research and innovation.
  • Benchmark Against International Best Practices: Identify areas for improvement and inform future-oriented education reforms by comparing Kenyan universities to global standards.
  • Promote Research Dissemination: Ensure the accessibility of research findings, inspiring the next generation of researchers and innovators.

Mut's Innovative Achievement

Murang’a University of Technology proudly participated in the event and secured the second position with their groundbreaking innovations;among them was: the Solar Powered Sand Screening Mechanism.

This innovation is notable for its multiple benefits:

  • Energy Efficient: Utilizes solar power, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
  • Improved Construction Quality: Ensures a more consistent and high-quality screening of sand, essential for superior construction.
  • Cost Effective: Reduces operational costs through the use of renewable energy.
  • Environment Friendly: Minimizes environmental impact, supporting sustainable construction practices.

The Solar Powered Sand Screening Mechanism is versatile and can be effectively used in various applications, including construction sites, road construction, and building construction. This innovation not only enhances efficiency but also supports the broader goal of sustainable development.

Murang’a University’s achievement at the conference underscores the critical role that Kenyan universities play in driving forward-thinking research and innovation. Their success exemplifies the potential for academic institutions to contribute significantly to societal advancement through innovative solutions.

Congratulations to Murang’a University of Technology’s Innovators for their remarkable achievement and for setting a high standard for research and innovation in Kenya. Let us continue to “Innovate, Collaborate, Transform” for a brighter future!

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