Rules & Regulations

Library Services Rules and Regulations

Admission to the library and use of the library resources and facilities are conditional upon strict observance of the following rules and regulations, and ignorance of these will not be an excuse for non-observance.

1. Hours of Opening

The library is open during normal working days and Saturdays.

Sundays and public holidays is closed.

2. Admission to the Library

The following persons are allowed to use the library:

  1. All members of the university staff and students.

  2. Non-members of the university should obtain written permission from the university librarian.

  3. Admission to the library shall be by production of university identification, or letter of permission from the university librarian.

3. Registration

  1. All prospective or aspiring users must be registered as library members.

  2. The registration is by completing the registration form, which is obtained from circulation librarian. The applicant must sign the declaration to abide by regulations.

  3. Users must ensure that the contact details given on the registration form is up to date and correct.

4. Borrowing

  1. The right to borrow from the library is accorded to registered members.

  2. Certain materials may not be borrowed for use outside the library.

  3. No library item should be taken out of the library until it has been officially issued.

  4. The user in whose name a library item is issued shall be solely responsible for returning it.

  5. The librarian has the right to recall any item on loan.

  6. A user may reserve an item that is out on a loan. No user should reserve or request for a library item he already has, if the behaviour is detected, borrowing privileges may be withdrawn.

  7. Users wishing to borrow information resources which are not available in the library may be assisted through inter-library loan and should make their requests to the circulation librarian.  Use of such items will be subject to the conditions given by the lending library.

  8. Degree, Diplomas and certificates students may borrow 3 books, postgraduates, teaching staff, senior administrative and senior library staff 4, and other staff 3 books.

  9. The loan period for certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students shall be ONE week, and all other staff TWOweeks.

  10. The loan for any library items may be reduced by the university librarian depending on the demand for the resource.

5. Discipline

  1. Silence shall be maintained in ALL library areas. Use of communication devices in the library, including mobile phones, is prohibited.

  2. Good order must be observed in the library. Sleeping in the library, placing feet on furniture, removal of shirts, eating and drinking in the library is prohibited.

  3. Booking of seats in the library is prohibited.

  4. Smoking and use of open fire in any part of the library is prohibited.

  5. Cases, parcels, overcoats, hats / caps, paper bags etc must be left in the baggage area.

  6. All users leaving the library carrying any books or parcels must show them at the circulation desk and  to the security personnel

  7. Stealing and attempting to steal a library book or property is an offence and those caught will be severely dealt with.

  8. Behaviour which adversely impacts on other individuals’ use or access to library facilities and resources is not allowed.

  9. Discussion in the library open area is prohibited.

  10. Re-shelving of materials used within the library is prohibited. Materials used should be left on the table.

  11. All materials leaving the library the library must be legally discharged by the librarian.

  12. All newspapers from the periodical area must be read within the periodical section.

  13. The university librarian shall suspend any user whose conduct in the library is in his/her opinion, is disorderly such persons shall be reported to the university authorities for further disciplinary action.

6. Damage, Loss of Library Books and/or Property

  1. Users will be held responsible for any damage occurring to library resources while in their possession, and be required to pay for the value of the resource plus administrative costs.

  2. Users are responsible for checking that the library resources they borrow are not damaged before they check them out, otherwise they will be held responsible for the damage and will be charged.

  3. Any defect in, or damage to a library resource should be reported to the circulation librarian.

  4. The marking and defacing of any library resources is strictly forbidden.

  5. Refreshments, ink bottles and any other materials which might accidentally damage library resources or property must not be brought to the library.

  6. Wilful damage of the library property will be paid for by the person responsible.

7. Fines and Payment for Lost Resources.

  1. Any borrower who fails to return or renew a library item on due date, shall be charged a fine of 5/= shillings per item per day for the days the item is overdue. (Sundays and public holidays are included in calculating the fines charged).

  2. Users who lose library item will be required to pay the current cost of the item plus 50% administrative charges.

  3. Any borrower who fails to return library items to short loan collection at the specified time shall be charged a fine of 5/- shillings per item per hour.

  4. The right to borrow may be withdrawn until all library items have been returned and any outstanding fines have been paid.

8. Renewals.

An item may be renewed twice, unless:

  1. There holds on them;

  2. They are on heavy demand;

  3. They are not over due;

  4. They are not on reserve.

9. Service Notice

Any notice will be sent to the last known contact information given to the library. Failure to receive such a notice will not invalidate any subsequent action.

10. Copyright

  1. Most library materials are protected by the copyright law, which makes deliberate infringements, such as unauthorised copying as a criminal offence.

  2. Permissible copying limits shall be less than 10% of a book made for academic purposes.

  3. All users of library materials and equipments shall observe these limits, whether on library premises or elsewhere.

11. Use of Digital Library/Electronic Resources

  1. Booking or reserving PC machines is prohibited.

  2. Accessing social networking sites, like facebook, shall not be allowed.

  3. Use of the internet (including the transmission or receiving of any material) in violation of the copyright law. Including but not limited to:
    · infringement of copyrighted material, and
    · transmitting or receiving threatening or obscene material, pornographic material or protected material Is prohibited.

  4. Use of internet for any commercial purpose is prohibited.

  5. Users should not interfere with or disrupt network , services, or equipment. Disruptions include but are not limited to:
    · Distribution of unsolicited advertising,
    · propagation of computer worms or viruses,
    · Software piracy,
    · violation of copyright law and infringement of copyrighted material
    · using the network to attempt to make unauthorized access to any computer or
    · computer system or restricted data files.
    · Users may not falsely represent themselves as another person

  6. Users are not permitted to add, delete, or modify the installed hardware or software, or to change preference settings.

  7. The internet is a global electronic network and the Library is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, legality or usefulness of information available. Users of such information shall be at liberty to seek guidance on the use of such information.

  8. The Library will not be liable for copyright or any other violations of information laws committed by internet users and users shall be advised to consult on the same.

  9. The Library shall not be held responsible for lost data stored in the library’s PCs’ hard-drives.

  10. Library computers are strictly for research purposes. Anyone found opening non educational sites (e.g. phonographic sites or entertainment sites) may lose his right to use the digital library.

  11. Removal of computer components including mice, cables e.t.c from the one computer to another is not permitted.

12. Exclusion from the Use of the Library

The library committee shall have power to suspend or exclude from use of the library any user who persistently disregards library rules and regulations, or , any other adequate cause, shall be considered to be, in its opinion undesirable.

13. General

The library committee shall have power to modify these rules and regulations as from time to time it may deem necessary.

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