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Ag. University Librarian: James Macharia Tutu

james tutuOur ultra-modern library offers in one central location, all the resources necessary to support teaching, learning and research, making the library the intellectual hub of Murang’a University of Technology. The library promotes and maintains a variety of quality services that will support the Programmes of the university college and encourage optimal use of the information resources.

The Vision

The Library’s vision is to become an academic hub of MUT Community for advancement of education, research and innovation.

The Mission
Its mission is to provide scholarly information resources that support teaching, learning and research.

Value statement

As employees of MUT Library, we affirm and support the core values of MUT. We uphold the following values:

  1. People: we value our users regardless of their level of their expertise. We esteem our fellow employees regardless of their job assignments as our most valuable asset. We treat all people with respect and courtesy.

  2. Service: our principal goal is to provide the best quality service possible to all our users

  3. Stewardship: we make the most efficient use of our scarce resources. We plan for the challenges which will confront us in future.

  4. Access:  we treasure the library ideal of access to information in all forms and for all persons

The strategic objectives of the MUT Library are:

  1. To provide up-to-date information for teaching staff, researchers and students

  2. To manage library resources efficiently

  3. To develop the collaborative culture between the schools and the library

  4. To enhance library facilities for improved information service

Library Hours

  • Open 8:00 am - 10:00 pm during normal working days.

  • Saturdays-8.00 am-5.00pm

  • Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Admission to the Library

The following persons are allowed to use the library:

  • All registered members of the University Staff and students.

  • Non-members of the University shall be required to produce a recommendation letter from their local chief or employer. They shall pay a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 50 per day

  • University librarian reserves the right to demand identification of registered members and may withhold admission to the library


  • All prospective or aspiring users must be registered as library members.

  • The registration is by completing the registration form, which is obtained from circulation librarian.

  • The applicant must sign the declaration to abide by regulations.

  • Clients must ensure that the contact details given on the registration form is up to date and correct.


  • The right to borrow from the library is accorded to registered members.

  • Certain materials may not be borrowed for use outside the library.

  • No library item should be taken out of the library until it has been officially issued.

  • The user in whose name a library item is issued shall be solely responsible for returning it.

  • The librarian has the right to recall any item on loan

  • A user may reserve an item that is out on a loan. No user should reserve or request for a library item he already has, if the behaviour is detected, borrowing privileges may be withdrawn.

  • Information resources which are not available in the library may be obtained through inter-library loan once requests are made to the circulation librarian. Use of such items will be subject to policies in place

  • All students may borrow 3 books, teaching staff 4 and non teaching staff 3 books

  • The loan period for students shall be ONE week, and all staff TWO weeks.

  • The loan for any library items may be reduced by the university librarian depending on the demand for the resource

  • A member who loses a University ID card cannot be served or gain entry to the Library unless on presentation of a valid document to support the loss.

MUT Library Staff List

Following is the Staff list MUT Library and their respective responsibilities



Mr. James Macharia Tutu

Ag. University Librarian

Ms. Pauline Njagi 

Readers’ Services

Ms. Ruth Karanja 

Reference & Information Desk

-Ms. Mary Mwangi

-Ms. Selina Mwangi

Circulation Services

Ms. Annrose Kirigo

E-resource Centre

Technical Services

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MONDAY to FRIDAY: 8am to 5pm
PHONE: +254771370824
Address:P.O.BOX 75-10200,Murang'aEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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