Notice to all Students on Opening of ERP System for January-April, 2022 Semester and Examinations

This is to inform you that the Vice Chancellor, Murang’a University of Technology has directed that the ERP-System be opened from 31st March, 2022 at 2.00 P.M. to 1st April, 2022 at 2.00 P.M. for those students who have not registered for January-April, 2022 semester.

Note that regulations guiding semester registration states that students should register within the first five (5) weeks of the semester. Therefore, it is important for students to understand the regulations guiding semester registration and operate within that framework.

Effective from May-August 2022, semester and subsequent semesters, those students who are not able to register within the prescribed timeline are advised to apply for academic leave.

Thank you.