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Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha

Ag. Dean (SCIT) Murang’a University of Technology

muchiriAreas of expertise: Software metrics/automated static code analysis/structural quality of software

Bio: Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha is currently the Ag. Dean School of Computing and Informtion Technology at Murang'a University of Technology. His qualifications include BSc in Information Science from Moi University, MSc in Computer Science from Periyar University, and PhD in Software Engineering from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

CV:  Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha


  1. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2014), A Review of Agent Based Interoperability Frameworks and Interoperability Assessment Models

  2. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2012) A Framework for E-Learning Implementation in Developing Countries: A Students’ Perspective

  3. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2012) A Framework for E-Learning Implementation in Developing Countries: A Students' Perspective

  4. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2016), A Review of Agile Software Effort Estimation Methods

  5. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2013), A Probabilistic Data Encryption scheme (PDES)

  6. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2008), Complexity Metrics for Measuring the Understandability and Maintainability of Business Process Models using Goal-Question-Metric (GQM)

  7. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2017), An Investigation into Customers' Requirements for Electronic Banking: A Case Study of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Keny

  8. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2012), Challenges in achieving interoperability in distributed systems: a survey of literature

  9. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2012), An interoperability framework for systems in Kenya

  10. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2014), A Survey On Cyber Crime Perpetration And Prevention: A Review And Model For Cybercrime Prevention

  11. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2013), Algebraic Approach to Composite Integer Factorization

  12. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2013), Advances in composite integer factorization

  13. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2010), A survey of business processes complexity metrics

  14. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2010), Complexity Metrics for Executable Business Processes

  15. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2015), E-Business Adoption Framework in the Hospitality Industry: The Case of Kenyan Coast

  16. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2013), Social Attackability Metrics for Software Systems

  17. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2015) Factors Affecting Requirements Elicitation for Heterogeneous Users of Information Systems

  18. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2012), Factors affecting sustainability of low priced computers for learning in Kenya

  19. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2013), Transaction Costs and Facilitating Conditions as Indicators of the Adoption of Mobile Money Services in Kenya

  20. Muketha Geoffrey Muchiri (2014), Mobile-Assisted Instructional for Domestic Maid (Maid-M)

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