Registrar (Academic, Research & Student Affairs)

Dr Juma

Prof. Richard Juma, Ph.D.

Registrar (Academic &Student Affairs)
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Registrar (Academic, Research & Student Affairs) Message

The Registrar, Academic, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA), provides leadership and management for the Office of the Registrar, ARSA, ensuring that services to the Schools, Departments, faculty, students and other stakeholders related to admissions and academic records, teaching and assessment are delivered accurately, professionally and in a timely manner.

Sections under Office of Registrar, ARSA;

  1. Admissions
  2. Examinations
  3. Time tabling
  4. Student Registry.

The Registrar, ARSA is charged with the responsibility of admission of students, coordination of teaching, academic planning, research, development and design of curricula, ensuring quality instruction and assessment of students, and overseeing the administration of student welfare services among others.

The specific responsibilities of the Office of Registrar (ARSA) include:

Admission of new students

The Registrar, ARSA is charged with the admission of students to Murang’a University of Technology (MUT). There are two types of admissions to MUT;
1. Government Sponsored Students (GSSP)
The Registrar, ARSA has the responsibility of declaring MUT course capacities to the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service (KUCCPS) annually for placement of students. After placement of students the office prepares and dispatches admission letters to the placed students informing them of their placement, date of reporting and admission requirements.
2. Self-Sponsored students (PSSP)
The Registrar, ARSA coordinates the advertisement of programmes offering admission to students. The office also receives and processes applications for admission. After processing the applications, admission letters are prepared and dispatched to successful applicants informing them of the admission, date of reporting and admission requirements.

Registration of students

Students are required to register every semester. The University has rolled out an online system that students use to register. Registration of students is open for the first five (5) weeks of the Semester. All students must have registered and completed payment of fees by the 5th Week.

Student Requests

During the course of their study, students may make requests to the University on matters pertaining to deferment of admission, academic leave, requests for special examinations, student clearance, or appeals. The office of Registrar, ARSA receives and coordinates to resolution of the various student requests. Students can either make their requests in writing or fill online forms available on the university website

Fee Structures

The Registrar, ARSA prepares and publishes fee structures every academic year. The fee structures are available on the university website.

Student Records

All student records are maintained at the student registry which is under the Registrar, ARSA.


Under the Registrar, ARSA is the Examinations Office headed by the University Examinations Officer. All examinations are prepared and issued from the examinations office. After administration of the examinations, the office coordinates the processing and release of examination results. At the end of a student’s study, the examinations office prepares and issues certificates and transcripts.


The Registrar, ARSA, through the University Time Tabling officer, ensures that teaching and examination timetables are prepared and disseminated to students in good time. The final timetables are uploaded on the University website for easy access to students.

Semester Dates

Academic activities at MUT are organized in Semesters and Terms. The Registrar, ARSA prepares Semester/Term dates for every academic year. The Semester/Term dates provide guidance to Staff, students and parents/guardians on which activities will take place at which dates. The Semester/Term dates are uploaded on the University website for easy access by staff, students and parents/guardians.


The office of the Registrar, ARSA is located at the New Science Complex 3rd Floor. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm.

We can be reached via telephone number 0705939269 or emails: and