Registrar Finance & Development

Registrar (Finance & Development)

Mr. Joseph Gachanja

Registrar's (Finance and Development) Message

The office of Registrar (Finance and Development) is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the finance and development aspects of the University. The objectives of the Finance and Development department are to develop, manage, maintain, repair and remodel the University’s infrastructure and facilities; to manage energy usage on campus; and to provide services the University needs to attain its Mandate.

The Registrar (Finance and Development) works closely with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Development) in ensuring that the Finance and Development department operate effectively and efficiently and in line with the Vision and Mission of the University.

Our work is informed by the Strategic Plan – 2019 to 2023 and Master Plan, which guide the University in its investment approach to address future facility and infrastructure requirements. To achieve its objectives, the University has deployed sufficient and adequate funding with the aim of attaining capacity-based infrastructure and also meeting other related costs for teaching and research activities.

As resources become available, the University will ensure the physical facilities are adequate and match the complex, competitive and changing higher education environment.  We shall endeavor to provide facilities and infrastructure that meet our evolving needs at a competitive level with our benchmark institutions and are an asset to aid recruitment and retention of students, faculty, researchers, and staff.

Our recent infrastructure investments include:

  • Modern hostels
  • Tuition blocks
  • Library with expanded digital and hard copy collections
  • Upcoming Science Complex, with state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories
  • IT labs and campus-wide wireless networks
  • Internal cabro road paving and parking bays
  • Perimeter wall
  • Basket ball pitch
  • IP telephony
  • ERP Suite
  • 400m3Water Reservoir

We believe that our customer satisfaction, retention and completion rates of our students are directly linked to the support we have been able to provide.

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