Student Researchers

Murang’a University of Technology students — at the undergraduate and graduate level — conduct research in the lab and in the field, independently and with industry partners, in our local communities and all over the country. In doing so, they help us better understand and radically reimagine the world while building their academic portfolios.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students hone their skills through a multitude of opportunities to conduct faculty-mentored research projects.  Such experiences enhance students’ abilities to sharpen their leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills that will fuel their success in organizations, institutions and communities after graduation.

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We can find a way to a better future. But do we have time

Dr Jane Goodall DBE

The broad-ranging research at Murang’a University of Technology is innovative, characterised by multidisciplinary cooperation, closely linked to education and stands in close contact with society. Our research changes lives, influences policy and helps us to understand the world so that we can make it better. Research at MUT is aimed to solve some of the biggest problems facing people today, based on four themes: technology and creativity; agriculture, food and health; environment; and prosperity and resilience.

The impact of research conducted by staff and graduate students can be felt locally, nationally and globally. Across many subjects and areas of study, our research changes lives, changes the world and changes the way that we see the world.

Research at MUT is guided by the following values and principles:

  • Innovative thinking, ethical and responsible research, underpinned by creativity and imagination in setting research directions
  • Recognising that global challenges are effectively addressed through interdisciplinary and translational research
  • Focusing on beneficiaries, working in partnership with, for example, industry, the third sector, farmers, and communities


Graduate Students

The University Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) actively recruit a diverse student population and challenge our scholars to develop new ideas and technology through hands-on application and mentoring under experienced professors who become an integral part of your professional preparation. The University’s Graduate School cultivates and fortifies academic excellence in graduate and professional education. The University delivers graduate students valuable opportunities to research under esteemed scholars, who are invested in basic research, knowledge sharing and transferring research into real-life applications and technologies.

Learn more about research opportunities, deadlines, funding, and more details on how to conduct research with Murang’a University of Technology faculty, labs, and programs.

Faculty Researchers

The Faculty researchers and inventors at Murang’a University of Technology are transforming ideas into innovations. Our innovators are developing new technologies that span across farming, sustainable energy, and delivery of healthcare to harnessing our natural resources. Click here for Partner with Us

The broad selection of academic research at the University creates opportunities for multidisciplinary and multi-field cooperation between companies and communities large and small in different fields. The University is available for collaborative research, cooperation projects and funding partnerships – or any appropriate combination of these.

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Call for the 5th Vice Chancellor’s Research Grant Proposals & Innovation Awards

The University mandate is to contribute to the Kenya’s Development Agenda Vision 2030, ‘’The Big Four Agenda’’ and the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are anchored on three key pillars: Economic, Social and Political. To achieve this, MUT has to invest in development of new knowledge, inventions and innovations through collaborative research.