Vice-Chancellor's Message

Welcome to Murang’a University of Technology, where excellence is pursued, nurtured and celebrated as we work to create positive change for a better world.

Our students expect a relevant, contemporary learning experience that will prepare them for life and careers in a rapidly changing world. Our government, our partners, and our citizens expect excellence and an apparent return on their investment in us. That explains why the University is dedicated to providing an intellectually stimulating environment for our students.

Additionally, the University recognizes that our students must be well-prepared to be valuable members of a rapidly changing society where it desires responsible and participative citizens. 

In light of these demands, the University must be continuously improving academically and administratively. Therefore, the University has begun making significant changes that directly impact and involve every aspect of the University to be in a position to attain the standards of a world-class university that will allow our students to excel and be successful.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and motivation to make a difference, Muranga University shall embrace research geared towards addressing the major contests facing modern society, engage our stakeholders in societal discourses and take the lead, and shape tomorrow’s world through our students who are natured as critical thinkers.

It is equally important that we keep a focus on the broader communities of interest within Kenya and beyond. This will help to ensure the continued relevance of our academic programmes and excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

I warmly welcome our students, new and continuing and commend the staff of Muranga University for their excellent work. Together we shall push the boundaries of knowledge to world status.


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